Selena Gomez Hints That Her Relationship With Justin Bieber Was “a Little Toxic

“You think, ‘Oh, that’s love,’ and I believed that for a long time.”

Selena Gomez Talks With The Morning Mash Up On SiriusXM's SiriusXM Hits 1

  • Selena Gomez opened up about her love life and shared that first loves can be “a little toxic.”
  • Sel very publicly dated Justing Bieber when they were younger, so it seems like she’s referring to him…

Hello, good morning, and I hope you’re ready for some more Selena Gomez dramz because that’s what we’re about to dive into.

While everyone has been busy speculating about whether or not Sel’s two new singles are about Justin Bieber (and they really, really seem like they are!), Selena has been out here doing press for her new music and opening up about her love life without naming names. In her most recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, Selena went there and talked about how her first love (*cough* Justin *cough*) was “a little toxic.” She said:

You’re in a phase of life where you experience love for the first time and I think that can just be just a little toxic. You have this codependency that you think is love and then you have this addiction to the passion and the frustration with each other that you think, ‘Oh, that’s love,’ or fighting or doing all this stuff, ‘Oh that’s love,’ and I believed that for a long time.

She also shared that she’s been “super, super single for two years,” and now knows what she wants from her next relationship. She said, “I want it to be real and I don’t want it to be codependent or messy or lack of communication. I think you know when you get older, you find people that are actually right for you, that are actually on the same wavelength.” And reading between the lines that seems to suggest that maybe some of her past relationships had those problems, but that’s just a theory!

All that said, don’t expect to see Selena coupled up anytime soon—for now, she’s happy being single. She added, “I’m chillin right now, you guys. Honestly, [dating] is so stressful so I’ve been having way too much fun being on my own. It sucked for the first year, I was like, ‘I just wanna cuddle, I just wanna watch something and be adored.’ Now it feels good. Now it feels awesome.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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Meghan Markle “Just Wants to Make Sure That Her Boys Are Safe” Amid All of the British Tabloid Drama

Tabloid Drama

Ugh, this is heartbreaking.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Johannesburg - Day Two

  • Meghan Markle’s good friend Daniel Martin says that Meghan “just wants to make sure that her boys are safe” amid Meghan and Prince Harry’s battle against the British press.
  • He adds that “she’s going to totally take care of this.”

So obviously a lot has been going on with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lately. The royal couple is suing some British tabloids, and in an ITV documentary released last weekend Meghan opened up about how difficult it’s been dealing with, to quote Prince Harry, the “relentless propaganda” and “lie after lie” that’s being spread about her by the British press. And it’s so bad that Harry and Meghan are even considering moving out of the UK!

To add to all of this, earlier this week Meghan’s good friend Daniel Martin weighed in on why she decided to open up about her struggle with the tabloids. He shared with CBS This Morning, “It’s been tough. Watching this documentary, it’s been almost a relief seeing her at a point where she can be honest about what’s been happening. All of us who have known, we just didn’t know what to do or how to help. But I feel like just putting this out there, it’s hopefully demystified a lot about what’s been going on over there.”

And while the letter that Harry wrote explaining why he’s taking legal action makes it seem like he’s being protective of Meghan (he wrote, “my deepest fear is history repeating itself. I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditized to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person”), Daniel shared that Meghan feels just as protective of Harry. Daniel said, “She has a lot on her plate and I feel like she just wants to make sure that her boys are safe. I know her and she’s going to totally take care of this—it’s just about understanding the ways around it.”

Here’s hoping that Meghan and Harry do find a away “around” all of this drama!


Tens of thousands rally in Barcelona for Spanish unity

Supporters of Spanish unity attend a demonstration to call for co-existence in Catalonia and an end to separatism, in Barcelona, Spain, October 27, 2019
Supporters of Spanish unity attend a demonstration to call for co-existence in Catalonia and an end to separatism, in Barcelona, Spain, October 27, 2019 Albert Gea / Reuters

Tens of thousands of people marched Sunday for Spanish unity, staging a counter-rally in Barcelona a day after 350,000 Catalan separatists held a protest over the jailing of nine regional leaders.


Around 80,000 people, according to a police estimate, marched down Barcelona’s central Gracia thoroughfare waving Spanish and Catalan flags and chanting “that’s enough” and “the streets belong to everyone” to counter the separatist claim that “the streets will always be ours”.

Catalonia, a wealthy northeastern region that is home to some 7.5 million people, has been bitterly divided as its calls for independence from the central government in Madrid have grown over the past few years.

Unrest has gripped the region since an October 14 Spanish Supreme Court verdict handed lengthy jail terms to regional leaders behind a banned 2017 referendum and a short-lived declaration of independence.

The ruling prompted waves of protest as Spain wrestles with its worst political crisis in decades.

Neither camp can point to majority support. An opinion poll published in July by the Catalan regional government showed 44 percent support for independence with 48.3 percent opposed.

Xavier Dalamantes, a 40-year-old working in the pharmaceutical industry who attended Sunday’s rally with a Spanish flag draped over his shoulders, told AFP that the time had come “to get out there and say what one thinks — they (the separatists) are trying to turn Catalonia into a totalitarian state”.

Sunday’s rally was called by the Catalan Civil Society (SCC) association, which said it wanted to show that those opposing secession from the rest of Spain comprise a “silent majority”.

“That is an important message for Catalonia, Spain and the world,” said SCC chairman Fernando Sanchez Costa.

‘Absurd gamble’

The protesters adopted a manifesto at the end of the rally stating: “We demand an end to this absurd gamble that we have been dragged into.”

With Spain just two weeks away from a fourth general election in as many years, members of the Socialist government and leaders of the country’s conservative parties joined Sunday’s rally.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, a Catalan, meanwhile slammed “an unacceptable level of violence” after Saturday’s peaceful march later degenerated when some 10,000 joined a separate demonstration by the radical CDR.

Massing outside police headquarters, they shouted “Occupation forces, out!”, some hurling bottles, rocks and fireworks at officers.

Although the police initially refused to engage, they eventually charged, using batons and foam rounds to try and break up the crowds, an AFP correspondent said.

The police eventually charged, using batons and foam rounds to disperse the protesters. Several people suffered light injuries on both sides, emergency services and security forces said.

Catalonia has been gripped by unrest since the October 14 Supreme Court verdict which unleashed a wave of protests that quickly turned violent, with masked demonstrators clashing nightly with riot police.

More than 600 people have been injured in the protests, 367 of them civilians and 289 police, official figures show.

Can China make peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban?

China has stepped up efforts to mediate in the Afghan conflict after US President Donald Trump called off Doha peace talks with the insurgent group in September. Could Beijing’s influence on the Taliban be helpful?

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (C) and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (L) along with Afghanistan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani (R) answer the press after the 3rd round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Foreign Ministers Dialogue in Islamabad

Rival Afghan groups are set to hold talks in China to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire in Afghanistan.

“China has invited a delegation … to participate in the intra-Afghan dialogue,” Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman in Doha, said on October 22.

The so-called intra-Afghan dialogue is aimed at reconciliation between the Taliban militant group and the Afghan government and has been running parallel to the talks between the insurgents and the US.

But the Taliban said the Afghan government officials would participate in the China talks in an unofficial capacity. The Islamist group does not recognize Afghanistan’s elected government and refers to it as a “US puppet.”

“All participants will be attending the meeting in their personal capacity and they will share their personal opinions for solving the Afghan issue,” Shaheen said.

Taliban negotiators and Afghan officials have held talks in the past.

Read more: Explosion at Afghan mosque kills dozens

The stumbling block

Fresh intra-Afghan talks in China are deemed crucial as peace negotiations have stalled since President Donald Trump abruptly called off US-Taliban talks in Doha last month.

Read more: US-Taliban talks: DW reporters’ firsthand account from Doha

Who are the Taliban and what do they want?

It was a huge setback to Afghan peace efforts as US and Taliban negotiators went very close to agreeing to a deal.

Shaheen told DW in September that the Taliban had reached an agreement with the US in Doha. “We had finalized the document about how the agreement would be implemented … The US president’s tweets took us by surprise. We still don’t understand how the US can call off the deal that took months to negotiate and finalize. This move has undermined the US’ credibility,” Shaheen said.

Read more: Why did President Donald Trump call off Taliban talks?

China and Pakistan have since stepped up efforts to restart talks . Last month, a Taliban delegation met with China’s special representatives for Afghanistan in Beijing.

“China has kept a close eye on the Afghan peace process for years,” Horoon Mir, a Kabul-based Afghan analyst, told DW.

“China enjoys considerable influence on the Taliban through its close ally, Pakistan. Beijing has also established good ties with the Afghan politicians that back negotiations with the insurgent group,” Mir added.

Read more: Afghan Taliban meet with Chinese officials after talks with US collapse

On Friday, representatives from Russia, China, the US and Pakistan agreed in Moscow that negotiations, including an early resumption of direct US talks with the Taliban, are the only way to peace in Afghanistan.

Trump’s cancelled peace talks with the Taliban

Experts say that the differences between the Taliban and Kabul are a major obstacle in achieving a political settlement in Afghanistan. Until these issues are not resolved, talks between Washington and the Taliban can’t be fruitful.

For this reason, if the Chinese government can mediate between Afghanistan’s rival groups, and force them to resolve their issues, the Washington-led talks to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan can resume and be even successful.

“If the Taliban are serious about peace talks, they should talk to the Afghan government,” stressed Mir.

Read more: Will elections settle any of Afghanistan’s problems?

Other reasons for China’s involvement

China shares a short border with Afghanistan to its far-western region of Xinjiang. Beijing has long been worried about links between militant groups operating in Xinjiang, home to the Turkic-speaking mostly Muslim Uighur people.

“China is interested in the Afghan peace process also because of its domestic issues. China is concerned that Uighur insurgents in Xinjiang province are taking advantage of the Afghan conflict,” Jawid Kohistani, an Afghan security analyst in Kabul, told DW.

Analyst Mir is of the view that Beijing is also interested in bringing Afghanistan into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance created in 2001.

Kohistani also believes that China wants NATO and US forces out of Afghanistan so it could expand its economic influence in the region.

Experts say that more than any other country, there is a greater chance for China to bring all stakeholders to the negotiating table and push for a long-term solution to the 18-year-long Afghan conflict.

Read more: US to reduce troops in Afghanistan by 5,000

Additional reporting by Masood Saifullah.

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ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Reportedly Killed in U.S. Military Raid in Syria

(WASHINGTON) — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the shadowy leader of the Islamic State group who presided over its global jihad and became arguably the world’s most wanted man, is believed dead after being targeted by a U.S. military raid in Syria.

A U.S. official told The Associated Press late Saturday that al-Baghdadi was targeted in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province. The official said confirmation that the IS chief was killed in an explosion is pending. No other details were available. The official was not authorized to discuss the strike and spoke on condition of anonymity.

President Donald Trump teased a major announcement, tweeting Saturday night that “Something very big has just happened!” A White House spokesman, Hogan Gidley, would say only that the president would be making a “major statement” at 9 a.m. ET Sunday.

If confirmed, the operation’s success could prove a major boost for Trump. The recent pullback of U.S. troops he ordered from northeastern Syria raised a storm of bipartisan criticism in Washington that the militant group could regain strength, after it had lost vast stretches of territory it had once controlled.

Jason Momoa Rips Open His Shirt In Surprise Cameo On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Jason Momoa surprised fans when he turned up on Saturday Night Live this week. The Aquaman star made a surprise cameo opposite guest host Chance the Rapper in a sketch that had him ripping open his shirt to prove his innocence.

In the hilarious courtroom-themed “First Impressions Court,” Momoa turned up in an animal-print shirt to face charges that he stole from the elderly Gladys Feldman (Kate McKinnon). As Chance the Rapper’s Judge Barry questioned him, Momoa’s gigolo character accused Gladys of stealing his heart. But she accused him of stealing the chandelier earrings that had been in her family for generations.

That’s when Momoa ripped open his shirt to show the earrings pierced to his nipples.

“What? These?” he asked as he jumped up and down. “They were a gift!”

While Momoa and Chance had trouble holding back their own laughter during the sketch and even stumbled over their lines — at one point, Momoa misspoke and said he was a “certified paraplegic”instead of a “certified paralegal” — fans took to the SNL Instagram page to react to the unexpected scene.

“Best skit of the night!” wrote one fan.

“Oh my freaking gosh. There is no emoji to represent my feelings right about now,” another added.

“Guilty of being sexy af,” a third fan wrote of Momoa.

“Been a long time since I’ve laughed from SNL! This was too funny!” another commenter wrote.

You can see Jason Momoa’s Saturday Night Live cameo below.

Later in the show, Momoa made another shirtless cameo when he flashed his nipple rings while introducing Chance for his second musical performance of the night.

Momoa also took to Instagram to express gratitude for being asked to appear on Saturday Night Live. The 40-year-old actor posted a series of pics taken backstage at the NBC late-night comedy show.

John Cena and Girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh Make Their Red Carpet Debut

John Cena, Shay Shariatzadeh

Greg Allen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Lights, camera…

John Cena has taken a major step in his relationship with Shay Shariatzadeh. The couple, who sparked romance rumors back in March, have made their red carpet debut! On Saturday, the 42-year-old actor stepped out with his girlfriend for the premiere of his new movie, Playing With Fire. The two posed for photos at the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre in New York City.

It marked the pair’s first official red carpet appearance together since they began dating earlier this year. And they weren’t afraid to put their love on display, as they walked arm-in-arm and smiled from ear-to-ear.

For the special occasion, Cena kept things classic with a navy blue suit that he paired with a white button-down shirt and a red tie. Shay also dazzled on the red carpet with a shimmery silver and black sequins ombré dress. She accessorized with close-toed heels and a black clutch.

John Cena and Girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh Make Their Red Carpet Debut 1
At the premiere, the WWE wrestler told Entertainment Tonight that he met his lady while filming this movie, which is why the project means so much to him.

“It’s a wonderful day for a movie premiere and I got a beautiful date,” he told the publication. “What’s truly special about this one is that, no matter what projects I’m involved in the future, this one will always have a special meaning because I got to film a special project and meet someone special.”

John Cena, Shay Shariatzadeh


While John didn’t give away too many details about his girlfriend, they did meet back in March. The two were spotted on a romantic date in Vancouver when they began sparking romance rumors.

However, the 42-year-old star has kept a tight-lip about his relationship and it looks like he plans on keeping it that way.

Earlier this year, he told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that he wanted to keep his private matters… well, private. “My personal business will stay my personal business,” he told the host. “I appreciate that. Thank you.”

He later added, “Through trial and error, we find out what we value and what we believe in and I really value being able to have moments that are mine.”

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The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners


The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 2

“Boy in barn with cat and pony,” Rowley, Massachusetts, 1992.

Photograph by Sage Sohier / Courtesy Stanley/Barker

Halfway through the photographer Sage Sohier’s new book, “Animals,” is a picture of a woman and her small daughter at the dining table of their home in Sterling, Connecticut, in 1992. The child is playing, oblivious to the scene around her. Her mother, dressed in a pale robe, has a telephone in one hand and her head in the other, looking exasperated. Sohier had met this woman at a dog show and learned that she was the owner of several vizslas—a photogenic breed, like a smaller, reddish Weimaraner. Here are four of them: two perched officiously on dining chairs and another pair lying under the table, like dozy sidekicks. The muscular canine quorum looks calm and in control, as if a coup has taken place in the household. The drapes are closed and considered looks are exchanged in a scenario whose cartoonish wit, crowded domesticity, and faintly sinister air are common in Sohier’s images of pets and their owners.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 3

“Mother and daughter with vizslas at the dining table,” Sterling, Connecticut, 1992.

The photographs in “Animals” were taken mostly in New England between 1979 and 1993. Sohier’s career began in the late seventies with black-and-white studies of Boston (where she still lives) and beyond, documenting street and domestic life and the scratchy pastoral of suburbia. She was working in medium format, with wide-angle lenses, so that these early pictures bristle with intimate detail but also frame expanses of air and atmosphere, a lot of “mere” background. Later series include “At Home with Themselves,” which featured portraits of same-sex couples, and “Perfectible Worlds,” a study of the anxious utopianism of enthusiasts or hobbyists: model makers and reënactors, the floridly tattooed and the gym-inflated. “Animals” overlaps with some of these earlier projects; Sohier found that her subjects were often more at ease with their pets at hand. Later, she discovered potential subjects at dog and cat shows or in small ads for litters, then spent a couple of hours at home with them while they revealed a telling variety of interspecies relationships.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 4

“Girl and dogs resting after swim,” North Sandwich, New Hampshire, 1993.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 5

“Young men with rabbit,” Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1983.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 6

“Couple playing with pit bulls in bedroom,” Brighton, Massachusetts, 1992.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 7

“Meredith and Kristin watching TV with bichons frises,” Belmont, Massachusetts, 1992.

John Berger once wrote that animals promise “a companionship offered to the loneliness of man as a species.” Although a gulf divides us, “our” animals look at us the way no human ever will. There are moments in Sohier’s book when the pathos in this relationship—one of trust, wonder, (mostly) mammalian identification—is movingly present. A woman named Deborah sits in her living room with Snowy the llama, whom she used to bring on instructive visits to local schools. A young girl is resting on the grass in the sunshine after a swim, while over her shoulder a sopping poodle gives us a protective stare. And most fragile and compelling of all: sitting in a high chair and wearing a nightdress, a monkey reaches out its hand to grasp the arm of the otherwise unseen person who is spoon-feeding it.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 8

“Monkey being fed in high chair,” Raymond, New Hampshire, 1993.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 9

“Boston terrier on bed with rats,” Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, 1992.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 10

“Family with Great Danes and poodle,” Blackstone, Massachusetts, 1991.

Frequently, however, the paradisiac scene of cross-species contemplation goes to hell in a riot of fur, teeth, scales, thrashing paws, and shining mad eyes. As the series developed, Sohier looked for households with numerous animals and diverse species; her pulse quickened when litter ads said things like “Raised with children and other animals.” In several of her photographs, the owners are dwarfed by their more or less monstrous charges. A family in Blackstone, Massachusetts, gathered on the couch, has vanished behind a poodle, three Great Danes, and five puppies. (Look a little closer—there’s a cat, too.) Likewise, a woman in Plympton, Massachusetts, is obscured by her whippets and greyhounds. And what to make, in one of the most alarming images, of the woman in leopard print who is wielding a boa constrictor as if it’s a huge saxophone? You wonder, of course, what such animals are thinking. Something, perhaps, like the subject of Elizabeth Bishop’s prose poem “Giant Toad” —“I am too big, too big by far. Pity me.”

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 11

“Women with Westies,” New London, New Hampshire, 1992.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 12

“Larry and C.J. with Miles and Nikita,” Brookline, Massachusetts, 1992.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 13

“Deborah in living room with Snowy the llama and Winnie,” Freedom, New Hampshire, 1993.

Pull back from the animals in Sohier’s wide-angle photographs and you find—more animals. A Boston terrier looks quizzically at three rats on a bed (one of the rats was named Sage) while dozens of stuffed-animal toys look on. The owners of dogs, cats, snakes, and pot-bellied pigs have decorated their homes with pictures of dogs, cats, lions, penguins, and unicorns. These are mounted on the walls alongside dog-show prizes, baby pictures, and guns. As Sohier acknowledged when we spoke recently, “Animals” is now also a record of certain American tastes and textures in the nineteen-eighties and early nineties. The book begins outdoors, in the back yard, where, a few pages in, a girl in stonewash denim cradles a rabbit, and a German shepherd gets sprayed in the face by a hose. There is a gradual movement indoors, toward a species of anonymous suburban pastel and plush, where all the visual excitement is supplied by animals and children, but the décor still somehow insists.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 14

“Man with python and baby,” Gilford, New Hampshire, 1992.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 15

“Family with chihuahuas,” Newburgh, New York, 1983.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 16

“Trip and Alan, with their Jack Russell,” Key West, Florida, 1988.

Sohier’s book is also a reminder of the long history of animals in photography: from daguerreotypes of domestic pets in the eighteen-forties, through the cats of Cartier-Bresson, to our present social-media zoo, in which animals are reduced either to the cute or the cursed. (I say this as one who has just lost twenty minutes online, gazing raptly at border collies. Chocolate-colored border collies.) For Sohier, the animal photographs of artists such as Elliott Erwitt and Garry Winogrand offer something else, a keener sense of the ethical and also the aesthetic encounter between human and animal. Writing in 1975 about Winogrand’s nineteen-sixties photographs from the Central Park Zoo, Janet Malcolm described “the dispirited ugly animals, the dumb (for thinking they are enjoying themselves), ugly people.” Sohier’s “Animals” contains no such withering scenes. But she notes today how little of the politics of animal ownership was present when she took these photographs, and how much has changed.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Pets and Their Owners 17

“Bud with Samantha, Tanya, Rufus, Ruthie, and Tammy, Wolfeboro,” New Hampshire, 1995.

Ownership, environment, domination, and death: all of it is either present or implied when we photograph animals. Sohier is currently at work—in color, and having switched to digital—on “Peaceable Kingdom,” a new series of animal photographs that concentrate on rescue centers and the animals they save. (As she tells us in the preface to “Animals,” she currently lives with three rescue dogs.) The new images are often more tightly framed, as if the wild or vulnerable creatures they show—an inquisitive crow on its perch, a pair of blinded horses—might suddenly flee the composition. The people that Sohier photographs now have given up referring to “pets” and “owners.”

A Crisis Expert Explains Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Did a “Wonderful Job” in Their New Documentary

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Visit South Africa

  • In the new documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which aired on ITV in the UK last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave strikingly candid interviews.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up everything from the rumors of a Fab Four feud (Harry admitted that he and William are “on different paths”) to their ongoing battle with British tabloids.
  • Crisis expert and 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian weighed in on the doc, which he says did a “wonderful job” of softening the couple’s images and making them more appealing to everyday people.

Last weekend, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave some of the most strikingly candid interviews we’ve ever seen from members of the British royal family in their documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

The documentary, which premiered on the UK on ITV, came amid a string of troubles with the media for the couple. Not only have the Duke and Duchess faced criticism over some of their decisions (particularly surrounding their demands for privacy), but the royal couple are currently suing British tabloids over invasive reporting tactics and inaccurate stories that have been published about them.

So, will Harry and Meghan’s documentary help their case against the media? Ronn Torossian, crisis expert and CEO of 5WPR, weighed in.

When it comes to public opinion about the Sussexes, Torossian believes the doc (and Harry and Meghan’s deeply honest interviews) hit all the right notes.

“This documentary does a wonderful job of showing the public that while Meghan and Harry are public figures, they are people too,” he says. “Between Harry opening up about how he is still affected by his mother’s death every day and Meghan discussing the challenges of being a new mother in the spotlight, the video softened their images and made them more appealing to the everyday person.”

When it comes to the couple’s relationship with the press—particularly with the British tabloids—Torossian’s optimism is decidedly more cautious.

“However, whether this will help change how they are portrayed in the press is a different story,” he adds. “American media and social media have had a sympathetic reaction, but the British tabloids have not really softened their coverage, and have never really warmed up to Meghan as a member of the royal family. Only time will tell if this documentary has the intended effect, and brings both Meghan and Harry out back up to the standing of proper royals.”


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